About Us

First of all.....thank you for visiting our site.



A little bit about us...


We are 2 professional photographers based in France. We are completely dedicated to providing you a fully personalised service. After initially specialising in portrait and fashion photography, we both soon realised that we were both passionate about the same thing - Wedding Photography!

George is from Windsor in England and has been based in France since 2010, George's passion for photography is clear to everyone who meets him. A perfectionist at heart, George always looks for new ideas to improve his work and he has built up a reputation for his natural light portrait photography style. George has had photos published in Le Monde, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur and many other French publications. George is also a French speaker.

Patrick is an English speaking French photographer from Chartres. Patrick has years of self-taught photography experience and is a true perfectionist, Patrick specializes in portrait photography where his artistic sensibility and his acute attention to detail can clearly be seen. 


We both believe that every picture should capture emotion and tell a story.

So why work with us?


With In2Emotion you will always have 2 (bilingual) professional photographers fully committed to ensuring we capture every moment of the most important day of your lives. The memories that we provide will stay with you forever.

Your satisfaction is our business model.


So what does that actually mean for you? 


It means more angles, different perspectives on those all-important key moments of your big day.

What we call the 'essential' photos. We can be in 2 places at the same time.


We capture the emotions of everyone present and often the moments that go unnoticed? 

We don't want to miss a moment!


Working as a duo also allows us to focus on the finer details you spent so long choosing. This allows you to have a varied range of artistic photographs of the preparations, the reception, the flowers, the rings and of course the location. 


The final advantage of working with In2Emotion is the fact that our communication, contracts, and even our online gallery is available in both English and French.

Given the choice, our clients prefer to receive a carefully selected number of beautiful, artistic, high resolution photographs over a high volume. So that is exactly what we've decided to concentrate on.

We strive to capture beautiful moments full of emotion which will stay with you forever.

"Finally we would like to say that your satisfaction is paramount. We are passionate about our photography and we love what we do. We do very little advertising and we feel that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. 

Our satisfaction is seeing your reaction to the final results, and that for us, is priceless!"


"Capturing today's emotions that will stay with you forever"